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Frequently Asked Questions

... and some answers

Q: What facilities do you have?

A: We have a medium-large hydrotherapy pool, underwater treadmill, class IV laser therapy, stance analyser, weighing scales and bath and drying facilities. We are stockists of Dorwest Herbs, Ruff and Tumble drying coats, JR pet products and much more!

Q: How much are sessions?

A: Our sessions are £37.50. Prices may vary for initial consultation and laser therapy.

Q: Can I stay with my dog during their session?

A: Yes, we prefer owners to stay with their dog during hydrotherapy sessions.

Q: Will my dog be alone in the pool?

A: No! A hydrotherapist will always be in the pool with your dog.

Q: My dog has never swum before, will he panic?

A: All dogs will have a buoyancy aid whilst in the pool and the hoist can be used if there is a reluctance to use the ramps. Owners will also be close by for extra reassurance.

Q: Do I need to bring towels?

A: No. Towels and drying machines are provided.

Q: My session is for ¾ hour but my dog only swam for a few minutes?

A: Hydrotherapy is not about how long but how carefully the hydrotherapist is building and strengthening the soft tissue, overdoing exercise can have the reverse effect.

Q: Do I need a veterinary referral?

A: Yes, all patients need a veterinary referral. If you are coming for fitness/confidence swimming, a referral form is preferred, however we will accept an email from your vet to enquiries@bearhugscaninehydrotherapy.co.uk.

You can access our veterinary referral from our Contact us page or download a Veterinary Referral form here (Microsoft Word document) or the same form in Adobe Acrobat PDF format here.

Q: Should I feed or exercise my dog before their session?

A: No! You shouldn't feed the dog for 2-3 hours before a session and his exercise will be in the pool - try to make him have a wee and poo though!

Q: Will the chemicals in the pool affect my dogs skin or coat?

A: No. In fact some skin conditions have seen a marked improvement, plus the dog will have a warm shower afterwards to remove any chemical residue.

Q: Can I bring a bitch in season?

A: Sorry, no! It's just not fair on other dogs (especially males) that will use the pool afterwards.

Q: Do you only treat dogs?

A: No, we can treat other small animals.

Q: How do I book in?

A: Either by phone, email, or Facebook messenger. If you do call us, please leave a voicemail as we are busy with patients and can't always get to the phone.

Something else you would like to ask?

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