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Programmes and Treatments


We treat all orthopaedic and neurological conditions including pre or post surgery for conditions such as cruciate ligament ruptures. Fracture healing, hip and elbow dysplasia, osteoarthritis, IVDD, degenerative myelopathy, etc.


Designed to maintain mobility, flexibility and fitness in the 'oldies' - there are no age parameters as all breeds mature at different rates.

Fitness and Stamina

For maintaining or improving fitness levels in working or highly active dogs which have no injuries or health conditions.

Weight Management

Ideal for assisting in a weight loss programme in conjunction with your vets recommend diet.

Water Babies

Recommended for giant and large breed puppies such as Newfoundlands and Leonbergers who need careful exercise as youngsters. This aids the strengthening of tendons and ligaments and helps to build muscle.

Confidence Building

Gain or build a dogs confidence in and around water.

Something for everyone

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I used Bearhugs following a recommendation from my vet. My dog, Harvey, was recovering from cruciate ligament surgery. Harvey isn't the easiest dog to work with but Jacqui quickly formed a strong relationship with him. Not only did the hydrotherapy benefit him hugely (he was reluctant to use the injured leg before his hydrotherapy) he simply loved his sessions with Jacqui and adored her too.

The best thing about Bear Hugs is that each dog is treated as an individual. There is no sense of being on a conveyor belt. Nothing is too much trouble. I can't recommend this service enough.

Sam Axtell


When our rescue Boxer-cross was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at just a year old we were extremely worried about the kind of life she might have ahead of her. Our vet recommended hydrotherapy and, without any shadow of a doubt, it has meant that she is now a fit, healthy dog who has no need for pain medication.

Hydrotherapy has strengthened her muscles and she loves nothing more than racing around the park with other dogs and has started agility training (and you would never know she has a 'problem')!

Abi Horton

West MIdlands

I have been a client of Bearhugs Hydrotherapy since 2010 when Jacqui came to the rescue when one of my Cavalier King Charles Spaniels had not had a good outcome following a second knee surgery. I had used hydrotherapy on several occasions before with four other dogs of mine, but had never been happy with either the service offered or treatment outcomes. I found Bearhugs after a lengthy Internet search and called up with a few questions. This turned into a 90 minute conversation where Jacqui listened to all my concerns and issues and helped me come up with a game plan - even though I was not yet a client!!

This was rectified some weeks later following yet more surgery for Charlie. I must admit I was blown away by Jacqui, her knowledge, skills, empathy and facilities as well as the service given. Places I had been before gave you 15 minutes and that was that. With Bearhugs it was a full hour, beginning with a full assessment and ending with a beautifully dry, groomed dog. That same service has never faltered time after time.

I have been a client several times now, with Charlie and several other of my 9 dogs, in fact all but one have been to Bearhugs either for treatment or a fun swim. I find Jacqui to be competent, professional, knowledgeable, trustworthy and genuinely interested in me and my dogs. I am a dog trainer and behaviourist by trade and thoroughly recommend Jacqui and Bearhugs Hydrotherapy to all of my clients - you never know if they will need her services but if they should then they have details of the best!!!

If you have a pet, sporting or working dog needing expert help to regain their fitness following accident or injury, or just to maintain their fitness or for a bit of fun, then Bearhugs is the place to go.

Julia Fletcher

Cradley Heath


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